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Build your Gaming PC under Rs70,000

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People have been stuck in their homes, working remotely, and taking online courses ever since the COVID-19 epidemic was announced last year. People became aware of the benefits of a PC for increased productivity as a result of the sudden home-based employment trend. It makes sense that during the past year, sales of PCs, laptops, monitors, and other computer peripherals and parts have exploded. We have a guide that will assist you in designing a gaming pc build in India that will increase your productivity if you are one of the individuals who currently own a PC or want to upgrade to a newer model.

In a PC intended for productivity, a fast CPU with good single-core and multi-core performance is required. Your GPU determines how well you can perform tasks like expert image and video editing, 3D model rendering, simulation, cryptocurrency mining, machine learning, game development, playing huge files, browsing resource-intensive websites, and driving a multi-monitor to work PC setup. A productive computer also needs enough RAM so that all running programmes can function properly. Other essential factors are reliable, high-resolution displays, rapid wired and wireless connection, and a comfortable, responsive keyboard and mouse.

Before building a PC all you need is to know what you are purchasing

AMD Ryzen 5700G

The base Clock is 3.8 GHz with a Max Boost Clock of up to 4.6 GHz, 8 Cores & 16 Threads, 20 MB Cache, DDR4 Memory Support, 2 Memory Channels, 65WSupportable with motherboards using the 500 series chipset and Socket AM4. Wraith Stealth Heatsink Fan, AMD Radeon Graphics, for the graphics 3 Years of Brand Warranty.

Asus ROG Strix B550

This combination of AMD AM4 Socket and PCIe 4. 0 is ideal for 3rd Generation AMD Ryzen CPUs. The last series of AMD high-count-core CPUs have powered with dependability thanks to the Robust Power Design i.e.12+2 DrMOS power stages with premium metal chokes and robust capacitors By improving passive cooling capacity for crucial onboard components, this Optimized Thermal Solution, which includes Fanless VRM and chipset heatsinks with ASUS Stack Cool 3+ design, keeps your system operating successfully under severe load. High-performance gaming networking is possible thanks to ASUS LANGuard’s 2. 5 Gb LAN. It has twin M. 2 slots (NVMe SSDs), one of which has PCIe 4. 0 x4 connection, a USB 3. 2 Gen 2 Type-C connectors, and a Thunderbolt 3 header, making it the best gaming connectivity for all gamers.

XPG Adata D30 8GB 3200Mhz

With its user’s type, edgy wing-shaped heatsink and 8GB (1x8GB) of DDR4 RAM, U-DIMM desktop memory offers fast speeds up to 3000MHz. supports the AMD AM4/Ryzen and Intel X299 platforms. Easy overclocking with Intel XMP 2.0 and a three-year manufacturer guarantee

WD 250GB NVMe SSDs Blue

Next-generation NVMe SSDs can increase the performance of your system. Our SATA SSDs are almost 4 times quicker. M.2 2280 form factor is slim. For optimum performance, Western Digital created the controller and firmware. The SSD health of your SSD is continuously monitored by the Western Digital SSD Dashboard.

WD SN550 1TB NVMe Internal SSD

Improve system performance with next-generation NVMe SSDs. quicker than our SATA SSDs by almost 4 times. M.2 2280 form factor, which is thin. For optimum performance, Western Digital created the controller and firmware. Westinghouse SSD Your SSD’s condition is continuously monitored by Dashboard. Stunning RGB lighting that is completely controllable and supports software from leading motherboard manufacturers More RGB per mm2, or more than 60% of the module’s surface. supports the brand-new Intel X299 platform and uses the standard 2666MHz (via SPD settings). brisk clock rates of up to 4133MHz. In addition to this, Intel XMP 2.0 now supports RoHS and provides easier access to overclocking.

Ant Esports ICE-511MT

The sliding tempered glass side panel reveals your construction and the system lighting effect while the mesh front panel provides effective ventilation for demanding systems. With three pre-installed 120mm Auto-RGB LED fans in the front, you can control the RGB lighting effects right from the I/O panel and create a stunning lighting effect. Thermal support is provided by optimised airflow caused by the big intakes on the front panel and extra ventilation on the top panel. The roomy interior accommodates any standing motherboard for your gaming needs, including E-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ITX. For increased storage, mount another SSD on the backside.

DeepCool PF 650 80 Plus Standard SMPS

With dependable 80 PLUS Standard efficiency, the DeepCool PF Series Power Supply Unit provides safe and consistent power performance at a reasonable price. 85% efficiency is guaranteed with normal loading of 50% thanks to certification for 80 PLUS 230V EU Standard efficiency. Lower energy waste and cooler temperatures result from increased efficiency, which further reduces costs. The 120mm fluid-bearing fan is well-balanced for low-noise performance, which extends its lifespan and lessens vibration and friction. The permanent flat black cables are flexible and covert, and they take up less room in your system while being simple to move for cable management. Power protection against overload, overvoltage, and short circuits serve as a barrier against potential danger and damage.

The best thing is that all you can get at below 70000 in Rehan Computers and you can get the best service in Ranchi and easily build your own pc at an affordable rate.


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